MiniWee Program

This program will be offered to children 3 ½* to 4 ½ years old as an introduction to soccer.  Players must meet the age eligibility requirements so please refer to the Age Division chart.  Players must be 3 ½* to 4 ½ by the cutoff date indicated in the Age Divisions chart, NOT the date the MiniWee season begins.  The  Florida Youth Soccer Association’s cutoff date affects participants’ eligibility for the year–this means it is effective for two seasons (Spring and Fall of the current year).  Please view the Age Divisions chart to verify player eligibility prior to coming to registration.

*Note:  The recommended age for children to start the MiniWee program is 3 ½. WSA will allow children to participate at an earlier age on the condition that his/her parent completes the requirements to be the MiniWee Assistant Coach for their child’s team.   However, children who begin the MiniWee program before reaching 3 ½, by the age group cutoff date, will remain in the program for more than two seasons.  Parents who wish to have their child play up to the Under 5 age group before they meet the eligibility date must fulfill the requirements to be the HEAD Coach of their child’s U5 team.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for important information before submitting a request.  

Program Details: The MiniWee program is designed to introduce soccer through fun, instructional activities.  The program will be led by WSA’s MiniWee Coach.  Participants will be assigned to teams and the program will run for five weeks.  Each MiniWee session will consist of two MiniWee teams.   Sessions will be held on Saturdays (only) and will last approximately 45 minutes.  After the 30-minute instructional portion is completed by WSA’s MiniWee Coach, the two teams will scrimmage for the rest of the session.   MiniWee teams do not have weekday practices.  Teams will be on a rotating schedule so session times on Saturday will change from week to week. Team session times usually begin between the hours of 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. If a participant misses a session, they may not attend another team’s session.  There are no make-up sessions or refunds for missed sessions. 

Participants must wear soccer cleats, shin-guards (covered entirely by socks) and should bring water.  Each participant will receive a jersey and soccer ball at their first session.  Parents must purchase outdoor soccer cleats, shin guards  and black shorts and soccer socks are recommended to complete the uniform.  

For safety reasons, participants cannot wear any jewelry (including fitness trackers), hats, sunglasses and hard casts are not permitted in soccer activities.   These are safety mandates from the Florida Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer organizations.

Every participant will receive an award at the end of the season. 

MiniWee Assistant:
WSA hires a contractor coach who will run the first 30 minutes of every team’s MiniWee session (which will be held on Saturdays only).  The MiniWee Assistant (one assigned per team) will assist WSA’s MiniWee Coach during the first 30 minutes.  The MiniWee Assistant will be left to run the last 15 minutes of the session by leading their team in a scrimmage against the other MiniWee team.  There will be no practices for MiniWee teams. 

If you sign up to be a MiniWee Assistant, it is expected that you will be available every Saturday of the program.   Two teams will participate together in one session.   MiniWee Assistants should have a flexible business/personal schedule because Team session times are usually held between the hours of 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and will change from week to week as the schedule rotates. Only one MiniWee Assistant will be assigned to a team.  However, two MiniWee Assistants may request for their teams to be paired up to share a MiniWee session.   If you wish to be a MiniWee Assistant, please submit a Volunteer Application by Final Registration and complete the training requirements by the deadline.

No refunds will be made for cancellations due to inclement weather, illnesses, injuries or other circumstances beyond our control.  Due to the up-front costs related to facilities, fields, equipment, uniforms, administration and insurance, etc., once a player is registered, no refunds will be issued after the refund deadline published on the website and payment made for one season cannot be credited/applied to another.

This page contains general information about the MiniWee program.  Please visit the Teams & Schedules pages for season-specific information. Information regarding program details is subject to change without notice. There will be no refunds for the MiniWee program.