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Skills Assessment Schedule



Skills assessment sessions are only 15 minutes.  Participants must arrive at the check-in desk 10 minutes prior to the session START time WEARING the following:

  • EVERY youth soccer player is REQUIRED to wear shin guards for leg protection from accidental kicks. You can purchase shin guards in the sports department of most local major retail department stores.  Shin guards must be: 

    ·         Covered entirely by the player’s socks.  
    ·         Made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances).
    ·         Worn to provide a reasonable degree of protection.

  • Outdoor soccer cleats are mandatory.  The studs on the bottom of the cleats help players make quick twists and turns and provide traction, especially during wet conditions.  Children canNOT wear football, baseball cleats or any other style of shoe where the cleats protrude out from the sides or front. 

  • No watches, necklaces, sunglasses, earrings or other jewelry, including fitness trackers, shall be worn during soccer activities.  Hard casts are not allowed.  

  • Participants should bring water and their own ball to warm up 10 minutes prior to the session start time.  
    U7 and U8 participants–size 3 ball
    U10 & U12 participants–size 4 ball
    U14 participants–size 5 ball

The above safety requirements are mandates from the Florida Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer.
Participants who do not arrive at the check-in desk 10 minutes prior to the session start time wearing the mandatory safety equipment will not be permitted to participate.   No exceptions!

Skills Assessment Location:  
The field space behind the Westchase Recreation Center gym located at 9791 Westchase Drive.

Participants must arrive at the check-in desk:

  • 10 minutes prior to the session START time
  • wearing the mandatory safety equipment: shin-guards and soccer cleats.

The schedule (by participant last name) will be published in the space below (usually by noon)
on the Friday prior to the Skills Assessment date. 
If your child’s name does not appear on the list, he/she is not required to participate in a mandatory skills assessment.
(Individuals who registered late may not appear on the list.)

Last NameFirst NameTime
AjvaziKevin11:45 AM
AntonyprakashJeffrey11:15 AM
ArroyoJeremyah11:00 AM
BaraczCarter10:15 AM
BaraczLindsay10:30 AM
BraitMadison9:45 AM
CallaghanMadeline11:45 AM
ConeAci10:00 AM
CoteJuan11:15 AM
DabrowskiWeston9:00 AM
DaCostaJulilana11:30 AM
DaltonNico9:15 AM
DANGETISai Sricharan11:45 AM
DicksonStephan11:30 AM
DonthuRitesh11:00 AM
DotsonRegan9:00 AM
DulauKeira11:15 AM
DziatkiewirczCharlie11:00 AM
DziatkiewirczMax11:30 AM
EatonNoah10:00 AM
FranquiFernando11:45 AM
GabrielMarcus10:30 AM
GabrielNathaniel10:00 AM
GallagherQuinn9:45 AM
GordonAilynn10:15 AM
GowdaSamarth11:30 AM
GrissomKylie11:15 AM
HamrickJimmy12:00 PM
HansenAlexander11:00 AM
HarrisonDrew9:45 AM
HarrisonMolly9:45 AM
HeathLandon10:45 AM
HigginbothamJames9:00 AM
KalraTanishq12:00 PM
KirbyLily11:15 AM
KirubaharavinodAshwanth9:30 AM
KiserEvan9:15 AM
KiyanLuciana10:45 AM
KlippLuke9:00 AM
KropLandon9:30 AM
KunduSagnik11:45 AM
LadoniczkiNoa11:15 AM
LaDriereBrielle11:45 AM
lakshminarayanchaitra9:00 AM
lakshminarayanprerna9:30 AM
LawnAlexander9:00 AM
LewisIvey11:15 AM
LongneckerNathan10:15 AM
LoseeMason11:15 AM
LynchJoshua9:30 AM
ManoharManush10:45 AM
MattucciMason9:15 AM
McKennaBrinley9:30 AM
McKennaDanny9:45 AM
McKennaLillian9:45 AM
McKenneyAurelia10:15 AM
MilsomCooper9:15 AM
MinayaAlexander10:45 AM
MoranMacie11:30 AM
Olivares-DelacruzDale9:30 AM
OrregoCecilia10:45 AM
OviedoJoel9:45 AM
PattersonJ.R.10:15 AM
PerazaDavid12:00 PM
PerezLeo9:15 AM
PfeifferJaxon9:00 AM
PileckiBrooke9:45 AM
PlamondonMarley11:00 AM
PowellKelsey10:30 AM
RanganagoudarPrasval10:30 AM
RayadurgUday Kiran11:30 AM
revuripranav10:00 AM
RevuriShreyas10:30 AM
RiveraGabriel10:45 AM
RiveraSebastian10:30 AM
RollinsonBrayden9:30 AM
RollinsonBrian10:00 AM
RoyAyush9:00 AM
SailerCarter9:15 AM
SchendelJustina11:00 AM
SchendelLukas10:30 AM
SchleifLiam10:15 AM
SharpeEthan12:00 PM
SmithKendall11:30 AM
StreaterJayden10:45 AM
SutcliffePeter10:00 AM
SutcliffeRobert10:00 AM
TamayoOlivia10:15 AM
ThiessenAnthony11:00 AM
TomarAnsh11:30 AM
TrianaSophie10:15 AM
UriarteKaleb10:45 AM
VargasJohnny11:00 AM
VattamattamLucas9:30 AM
VawterElla9:15 AM
WaghSamyukta10:30 AM
Walker, IIIAntoine9:15 AM
WeertsMatthew10:00 AM
YildirimArden11:15 AM