There are three websites you may need to visit to complete the required training.  Please follow the instructions below.

Please refer to the instructions at the bottom of the page to renew your certification.

STEP #1:

Complete the NAYS Coach Certification

  • Go to:
  • Select "Training and Membership" (located at the top left of the page).
  • Select "Coaches".
  • Select "Getting Started".
  • Select "Visit the online Training Site".
  • Select "Get Started"
  • Click Soccer.
  • Continue to complete the required information to sign up for an account ($20 credit card payment will be required).
  • Select Westchase Soccer Association (or Hillsborough County) as the Chapter name.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the training.
  • Complete the Concussion training (so you will not have to do step #2).
  • After successful completion of the exam, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your NAYS member identification number and expiry day.  You must send your NAYS membership ID number, expiry date, etc. to WSA by using the link on this page (or the Coaches' corner).

STEP #2:
Complete Concussion Training

If you did NOT complete the concussion training via the NAYS website,

STEP #3:
Complete First Aid
and CPR Training

If you do not already have valid First Aid and CPR Training (i.e. for another organization, e.g. First Responders), please follow these instructions to complete:

Do not pay for the certificates.  A screen printout confirming completion will suffice.

  • Click to complete the Adult/Child/Infant BLS CPR Certification Online.  FYI, WSA does not have access to an AED.
    --You will have to register to take the Exam portion.
    --Here are some additional instructions put together by one of our coaches to help guide you through:
    Once logged in (which is automatic after registering prior to taking the exam) you can get to the course summary from the home page by clicking on the "Courses" button.  If the user happens to be on the Exam & Account Information page (page 2) , simply click on the Course/Certificate tab to see status, cert and expiry dates.  DO NOT PAY FOR THE CERTIFICATE.
  • Click to complete the First Aid Course.
  • After you complete both exams, please upload screen printouts of the CPR, First Aid, Concussion and NAYS membership to WSA to confirm completion.

Here are some instructions for print screens.  Click the links to view a video:
Windows Users:  Press PrtScnSysRq (beside F12).  Then paste into an email or Word doc.

For Mac Users:  Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+Control+3 or Command+Shift+Control+4 or Lock and Home button on an Iphone/Ipad.

STEP #4:
Submit Certification 

You MUST submit proof of completion to WSA by the deadline:  one week after Final Registration Date.  WSA does not have access to any databases to confirm you completed the required training.  You will receive a confirmation when we receive your certification information from you.


STEP #1:
Renew your Certification

If you are already a NAYS member:

  • Go to
  • Click "Log In" (it takes less than 5 minutes to log in to your account and pay--no test is required, just payment).

    After purchasing renewal, email the renewal confirmation to the WSA Volunteer Coordinator.  WSA does not have access to confirm you have renewed your certification; YOU MUST EMAIL YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND NEW EXPIRY DATE INFORMATION.

STEP #2:
Submit Certification 

You MUST email the membership # and new expiry date to WSA by the deadline: one week after Final Registration date.  We do not have access to any database to confirm you completed it.  You will receive a confirmation when we receive your certification information from you.